Accreditation Services

EB-JAS works on enhancing the business platform throughout all spheres of business and marketing domain all around the globe by providing accreditation. EB-JAS accreditation are straight forward, following conformity assessment bodies such as International standards [ISO / ISO: IEC] and regional or national standards.

Organizations that satisfy with the requirements and compliances of the standard will be awarded with accreditation and permits to use EB-JAS accreditation mark as a symbol of excellence, expertise and impartiality over the scope of the accreditation.

The EB-JAS accreditation consists of

  • The demonstration and showcasing of organization compliance for assessment bodies and the expertise to execute specific task on international standards.
  • Showcasing organization on the Accredited Organization Directory, displaying the competence to execute specific conformity tasks with international recognized standards.
  • Upholding organization conformity assessment tasks to international level; and creating a business environment without any technical or business communication barriers, as well as competitive advantage by enabling new opportunities to excel the business.

To get accredited by EB-JAS, apply for the ACCREDITATION. Understand the accreditation process and required accreditation scheme requirements before applying. For any assistance, you can forward your queries and requests to [email protected]

Why EB-JAS Accreditation?

EB-JAS provides various Accreditation Schemes focusing on the implemented business domain, accreditation targeted personnel, international standard and market requirements.