Accreditation Process

The accreditation process of EB-JAS depends on the selected accreditation schemes and applied company or individual business practices. The accreditation process varies according to the application requirements, which are classified into New Accreditation Process/application, extending the scope of already registered accreditation and maintaining of registered accreditation.

The Accreditation process of EB-JAS is classified into three according to the request and status of the accreditation.

New Accreditation Application/Request

To Request or apply for new accreditation. Understand the EB-JAS accreditation schemes from Accreditation Schemes.

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Extend The Scope Of Existing Accreditation Application

To request the extend the scope of the accreditation already awarded by EB-JAS

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Maintain/Reassessment Of Existing Accreditation.

Having reassessment as well as maintaining the EB-JAS accredited certifications.

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All the Required steps and required application form with their documents are available for download/reference at

Document Downloads >> Application Forms>>

  1. New Accreditation Application/Request
  2. Extend The Scope Of Existing Accreditation Application
  3. Maintain/Reassessment Of Existing Accreditation.

All the audits and assessments related to accreditation and maintenance will be completely under the supervision of EB-JAS assigned team; ensuring fair and impartial procedures with decision making.

The board of EB-JAS has the sole authority to initiate and grant accreditation to the respective entities if and only if, the requested entity demonstrates compliance with all accreditation requirements of EB-JAS, following all the guidelines, business practices and policy rules mandated by EB-JAS.