European British Joint Accreditation Services [EB-JAS] came into existence from the keen interest in establishing high quality services and standardized way of doing business throughout all business and market platform. With a vision of advancing the standardization service with simplified and transparent mode of communication resulted on EB-JAS; an organization providing accreditation services for certification bodies, opening opportunities and careers in the field of assessments as well as certifications and R&D in upgrading the International standard conformity accordingly with regional and international requirements.

We welcome all certification bodies and organization to be part of EB-JAS by being an Accredited Certification Body [CAB] and get recognized as leading and trusted organization providing certifications over all business domains.

Our Vision & Organization Principles

EB-JAS believes and our vision is to provide guidance, advancement of standardization and accreditation for our customers and stakeholders with utmost professionalism, service deliverance with impartiality and commitment of transparency throughout business platform.

As an organization of service excellence and quality policy throughout all activities, EB-JAS upholds and follows the international standards and regional compliance which benefit all our customers and stakeholders in excelling on their respective business domains; increasing trust and reputation of EB-JAS accredited partners.