Board of Members & Organization Structure

The business excellence and service expertise of EB-JAS is delivered by team of specialists and business professionals, committed in providing the highest level of quality service. With industry leading experts and senior executive being on the Board of Members of EB-JAS enables the flexibility and continuous improvement of services accordingly with market requirements and customer satisfactions.

The services and operations of EB-JAS are not restricted to any regional and international borders. EB-JAS accredited partners deliver the services and products by complying and exercising regional regulations as well as international standards put forward by EB-JAS.

EB-JAS Organizational Structure consists of Board of Members deciding the executing daily organization activities. Team of business and technical expertise continuously work on ensuring the services and business deliverables up to the standards of compliances and customers satisfactions. The team indulges in R&D, developing and updating accreditation schemes in accordance with the industry requirements.

EB-JAS has an accomplished team of technical experts representing major stakeholders to understand the concerns of customers, market issues to address in excelling the service quality and, updating the policy in achieving business practices that streamlines and advances all business activities. EB-JAS relations with international corporations and business entities allow to allocate resources as well as specialist as required for any situations that arises.