Request For Information

EB-JAS values information with its utmost priority and takes all necessary steps in securing data, even from unwanted requests. EB-JAS responds to all customer requirements and Request For Information with utmost priority and validates the credibility of the request with the authenticity of the request origin, company status, and reason for the request.

All requests for information will be through proper communication channel defined by the EB-JAS guidelines. All information will be validated before addressing the request.


All accreditation process follows the documented EB-JAS accreditation process in accordance with the accreditation schemes and scope defined. EB-JAS uses procedure track/monitor system to keep updated on all accreditation processes.

All customer filling [appeals, RFI and complaints] will be validated by the committee before forwarding to respective department. The status of all filling will be updated according to the internal assessment and processing.


All Request for information related to the certified accredited bodies under EB-JAS will be validated for the request credibility and will not in any way affects the content policy of EB-JAS.

E-mail your request with necessary references to [email protected]