Work With EB-JAS

EB-JAS with its certified accredited bodies all around the globe has created career opportunities and job options to deliver accreditation services and all related business developments. EB-JAS creates job opportunities for marketing & business development executives, technical / consulting team and EB-JAS service facilitator.

By working with EB-JAS, you will become part of the team of the most talented International standard and quality accreditation provider. EB-JAS opens career advancement as well as helps personnel and organizations to stay up-to-date with industry and business opportunities.

Become an EB-JAS Assessor

EB-JAS opens opportunities and invites professionals and industry experts from various business domains in relation with EB-JAS accreditation programs/schemes. By being part of EB-JAS as an EB-JAS assessor, you will be part of one the most reputed and industry recognized team, while achieving the professional experience.

We invite lead assessors and technical assessors from all around the globe with expertise over accreditation schemes and services, to work along with industry experts and professionals of EB-JAS.

Forward your expertise, qualification and industry experience to [email protected]. We will contact you if you and your expertise are what we looking for.