Accreditation & Quality Manuals

Accreditation is the acknowledgement of an organization’s proficiency and determination on providing definite services, activities and business deliverable on accordance with defined scope of accreditation and EB-JAS mandated standards and compliance.

EB-JAS accreditation advances organizations in achieving the trust and reliable certification as well as business activities all around the globe. EB-JAS upholds the service excellence on every step of our business relations and expects the accreditation must be acknowledged and approached with complete understands on the objective, ventured impartially and business activities competent with the accreditation terms and related business domains.

To achieve and maintain the best practices by all EB-JAS accredited partners, we continuously monitor and assess the technical and services competence in accordance with the terms and policies put forward by EB-JAS. This enables all the services delivered ends with customer satisfaction; resulting in EB-JAS accredited partners excelling on their business domain and market.