Complaints, Disputes & Appeals

EB-JAS encourages and always focuses on delivering internationally favored, customer centered accreditation services, with an aim of simplifying the accreditation process along with quality standards. EB-JAS always give highest importance in understanding the market requirement as well as address customer concerns, which altogether develop the perfect environment for the companies and organizations to get accredited and be accredited.

All EB-JAS customers and registered organizations can arise their concern to the appropriate section through Complaints, Disputes & Appeals.


A complaint can be registered under EB-JAS only by registered customer or organization, and the complaint can be issued over

  • EB-JAS operations and procedures.
  • EB-JAS accredited / certified organization showcasing the misuse of accreditation status, or improper use of EB-JAS identity by accredited bodies.
  • EB-JAS team including the staff, assessors, committee members, technical experts.

All complaints must be forwarded to EB-JAS complaint monitoring team [[email protected]] on EB-JAS Complaint Form. All mandatory fields need to be provided on the EB-JAS Complaint Form, or else the form submission will be rejected. EB-JAS complaint monitoring team validates the complaint credibility before proceeding on the assessment / investigation related to the complaint. EB-JAS takes necessary steps to resolve and formulate a solution for the complaint accordingly with the terms and conditions followed. Depending upon the nature and severity of the complaint, EB-JAS tries to resolve the complaint within 30 working days. All the information and communications will be logged for future references and assessments.

The complainant should be aware of EB-JAS information sharing terms & conditions before submitting the complaint. All the communication, complaint information and identity of the complainant will be kept confidential, unless otherwise required to state the complaint or any related information.


All complaints to be forwarded to [email protected] with proper contact information of the Person / organization raising the complaint. EB-JAS will request to provide all the required documents.  Understand all the terms and conditions before filling your complaints


EB-JAS responds to the disputes arising from the registered customers or organizations without any partiality, and addresses the dispute swiftly to not escalate anymore, which might affect the business of all parties related to the dispute. All disputes need to be forwarded to the EB-JAS Customer Center, where the team will redirect the dispute to respective team to resolve the dispute.

All disputes within EB-JAS related to the accreditation system as well procedures, assessment process and reporting, etc. need to be addressed to Customer Center. All the Complaints, Appeals and Disputes handled by EB-JAS follows based on the EB-JAS Service and Communication Policy defined.


Any person or organization registered under EB-JAS can issue an appeal against the decisions, service and scheme update. The appeals need to be filled out on EB-JAS Appeal Form and forwarded to Customer Center [[email protected]]. All and any appeal should be raised within 15 working days from its issuance. EB-JAS validates the appeal credibility, evaluates the appeal facts and decides accordingly to the assessment and investigation done by the related committee. Depending upon the nature and severity of the appeal, EB-JAS tries to resolve the appeal within 45 working days. All the information and communications will be logged for future references and assessments.