Extend The Scope Of Existing Accreditation Application

EB-JAS understands the necessity and market advancement of customers to be with the industry requirements. EB-JAS provides extend of the scope of existing accreditation; enabling customers to add or change the accredited activities. Extending the scope of existing accreditation requires the customer to understand and prepare to comply with the new accreditation standard compliance.

EB-JAS suggests following the steps before applying or the extension of the scope of accreditation.

  • Contact with the account manager to understand the benefits and standard compliances to be followed for the extended accreditation standard.
  • Conduct assessments and evaluation to understand and apply the accreditation scope update.
  • Apply for the extending the Scope of accreditation by submitting the application form, related documents and Agreement.
  • All assessment activities will be conducted according to the new required scope of accreditation; including the Readiness and accreditation assessment visits.

All the extension to the scope of the accreditation is provided to the customers accredited by EB-JAS.

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