Apply For Accreditation

All qualified personnel, certification bodies, organizations and business entities can apply for the Accreditation from EB-JAS. EB-JAS only awards accreditation to organizations which completely comply with the EB-JAS terms of business and requirements for the scope of the accreditation. To simplify the ‘apply of accreditation’ process, EB-JAS has developed an information streamlined process that enables a transparent, confident communication between the applicant and EB-JAS team.

How To Apply For EB-JAS Accreditation

Step 1 - Understand The Scope Of Accreditation

Understand the scope of accreditation and benefits of being accredited by EB-JAS. You can contact our support center to understand how EB-JAS accreditation can benefit your organization, what all accreditation are applicable for your business.

Dedicated email [[email protected]] provides all the assistance needed getting accredited.

Step 2 - Apply For Accreditation

After Understanding the initial understanding, EB-JAS dedicated personnel will forward APPLICATION FORM to be filled and returned. An EB-JAS Agreement will be created defining the business practices, confidentiality and obligation/responsibilities between EB-JAS and applicant.