Maintain/Reassessment Of Existing Accreditation

The accreditation provided by EB-JAS is the certification and proof of the capability of the accredited organization to deliver what is defined on the scope of the accreditation. EB-JAS continuously monitors and evaluates the compliance and eligibility of these business entities though assessments and site visits.

All the accreditations are awarded on annual basis and assessments on the capabilities of the organization with the scope on the accreditation are carried out every 6 months. EB-JAS issues a complete evaluation and reassessment of the organizations every 3 years.

All the accreditation maintenance and reassessment activities will be explained and charted at the initial accreditation process itself.

EB-JAS advises to follow the following instructions in maintaining the accreditation.

  • Update EB-JAS on any company legal / address updates. EB-JAS ‘Accredited Organization Directory’ should be always updated with current and correct information.
  • Keep the organization up-to-date with the regulation and policy changes related to the accreditation scheme.
  • Keep always updated with EB-JAS publications and updates to be informed with the latest happening on the accreditations as well as get updated with the latest accreditation practices.
  • Always follow the defined business practices and effective document control practices which satisfy with the accreditation requirement.

Always keep in contact with the EB-JAS defined account manager and update on any changes that might affect on the scope of the accreditation deliverables.

For any assistance, you can forward your queries and requests to

[email protected]